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Nature – where I belong

Nature has always been a refuge for me. Except for a few years in my youth and early adulthood when I “forgot” what nature can do for me.

For me, going out into nature is a place where I recharge all the batteries in both body and soul. Here I can close my eyes and breathe deeply and freely.

Often it is also a place of refuge when the “noise of the world” becomes too much. When car alarms, talk, everyday life and expectations come to make too much noise inside me. So one of the most healing and caring things I can do for myself is to go out into the woods.

I love nature and the forest is really my favourite place on earth!

Arizona took me back to nature

I had almost forgotten what nature does for me – until my husband and I started our annual trips to Arizona in 2008. We went out into the woods prior to my first bushcraft course and spent many hours building a pine needle bed! When I was lying there late in the evening, snuggled up in my sleeping bag in an endlessly dark forest – I found my way back to nature. The familiar calming of the entire nervous system, an owl that howled in the trees above us, the moon that slowly rose above the trees, when I lay there, preparing for a night in my pine needle bed. I was back in sync with nature.

Early morning in Arizona – just woke up in my comfy pine needle bed in the forest!

After that experience, nature and I have again been inseparable! It turned into countless number of courses in bushcraft, wilderness skills and tracking in Arizona. I have also attended at least as many courses on plants and herbs. It was also in Arizona, the natural thought of geetting a hunting license emerged. Out there in the desert of Arizona, I realized how important it is to be able to harvest the animals that are available in nature. It became the natural next step of enjoying the nature to it’s fullest.

Arizona became my go-to when I needed to find inner peace – it’s just a little far for me to go there every time I need it! For a few years we actually considered whether we should move to Arizona, when our children had grown up. But then grandchildren were born and the priorities in life changed.

You can read more about Arizona and my relationship with this beautiful American state on my blog here.

Nature in Arizona has a very special place in my heart!

Nature – a haven and a refuge for body and soul

We have so much amazing nature in Denmark. I just had to come to terms with the fact that I could not only find peace in Arizona, but that Denmark is at least as beautiful!
That awareness has become more and more clear to me over the years. In recent years, it has become very clear to me that we have some absolutely amazing nature in Denmark.

For me, the forest is some of the best nature we have and here I can completely disappear from the outside world! The forest awakens all of my senses and fills my cells with calmness and feel-good hormones.

That is why I have spent the last few years finding my outdoor skills again. It’s time to find my way out in the forest again – and into the tranquility the forest can provide! I am looking forward to immersing myself in it again, while I once again let the forest swallow me up and fill me with love and inner peace.

The Danish forests also does something special to my soul! It’s a haven and a refuge for me
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