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Hunting – a choice to live a life from field to table

I’m a hunter because it makes sense to me as a nature lover – and a meat eater – to use nature’s resources. I believe that the closer our food is to nature and the fewer links it has gone through from field to table, the better.

It is a joint decision for my husband and I to be hunters. Basically, it is about values and perspective of life. It is also about how we want to live our lives and feed ourselves and our family.

I am a nature lover. I love nature, I love animals – no matter what you think, this is the truth. I treat every animal with respect. I hunt as ethical as can be, so the animal will not suffer or fear.

I do not really like hunting, where the animals are being hunted down, stressed out, chased and running for their lives.

My first game harvested. Moved, humbled and grateful! There is nothing “funny” about this, but a good experience that you can also read about in the blog. This roe deer was turned in to many lovely meals for our family

I am the first hunter in my family as far back as anyone can remember. You might wonder, what has tricked my wish to get a hunting license and choose the lifestyle it is to be a hunter.

There are many reasons why I chose to get a hunting license, but first of all, for me it is part of being in nature. There are endless hours in nature, when you are hunting. Hours spent with watching the amazing wildlife around you.

Secondly, I am very conscious of where our food comes from. As humans, we have always harvested from nature’s bounty, whether we have cultivated it ourselves or hunted it.

A conscious choice to live off of nature

To me, it makes sense to eat what we have access to in nature.  Previously, I only bought meat in grocery stores or from the butcher – although it hurt me to think what these animals went through to feed us. Today, I buy very little meat. Over the years, I have become very conscious about how we feed ourselves and I make conscious choices about what I put on the table.

As you can read on the page Nature, our annual trips to the US have inspired us to live the life we live today. We love to be out in nature and therefore we choose a natural diet.

For me, hunting is not a discussion about whether we should be meat eaters, vegetarians or vegans. For me, it’s about whether we should eat prefabricated and processed food – or clean food from nature or own “production”. I prefer the latter – it makes the most sense to me.

The first meal served with the meat from my roe deer. From field to table.

To learn new things

In the autumn of 2016 I started a hunting course and in the summer of 2017 I got a hunting licence. I got my rifle license in the summer of 2018, and there was 10 days left of the roe buck hunting season.

I am very aware, that I do not know everything! Actually, I don’t think any of us do or will ever know everything. I am therefore also humbled and grateful for the skilled hunters and shooters who chose to spend their time teaching me about hunting, shooting and the ethics behind it. It has all helped me become a better hunter!

Vegetarian, vegan, or carnivore/meat eater?

I have no desire to live a vegetarian life. This is my choice. But I do NOT fancy the way the meat industry is treating animals – and therefor I hunt.

I don’t hunt animals down, because I don’t really like this type of hunting. I sit quietly and wait or walk slowly, stalking, and if I am lucky, I bring home food. But most days I go home empty handed, but with my mind bright, vented – and full of great experiences.

Hunting is also spending A LOT of hours in nature just sitting there and enjoying sunrises, sunsets, animals and birds in their habitat.

Mutual respect for conscious choices

You don’t have to agree with me on my views on hunting. My website/blog it started as a source of inspiration – a place where you can read about my view on hunting and nature.

I know we cannot all agree on everything, but we should at least agree on not to agree. We should still be able to communicate respectfully.

I think it’s important to make conscious choices and not just drive on autopilot, without knowing why we do what we do – and don’t do!

If you can’t respect my choices, just remember that you are completely and utterly free to close the tab with my blog and occupy yourself with something else 😄

Slow-cooked roe buck
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