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Hunting is lots of adventures in nature

Hunting is nature adventures on a grand scale. Although I have previously spent numerous hours in nature on many hour-long walks, I experience nature in a completely different way now that I’m also hunting.

Spending countless hours in nature is part of being a hunter. Enjoying the hour before sunrise on a clear summer morning, or the hour before sunset in mid-January in 10 degree frost is also part of being a hunter.

An amazing hunting and nature adventure on the small Danish island Samsoe in 2019!

Watching nature wake up is very special to me! I love listening to the birds starting their morning concert. Seeing the fox’s cubs playing on the rampart and mama fox standing there, stretching as the sun hits the field. To see how the deer slowly walks out and almost shines in the first rays of the sun – it’s all  a very huge gift on such a beautiful morning.

The evenings are just as spectacular. Except for the fact, that I watch the sun go down and the forest/nature calm down again. The fox prowling along the field and the pheasant making its own distinctive sounds in the woods. The hare darting across the field and the deer just peeking out from the forest a short while before the last rays of the sun hit the ground. It is just… amazing!

All these sensory experiences make me happy to the bone! I don’t actually need to bring home anything from a hunt and the number of times I have brought home meat for the freezer is not very high. All the other days, all the countless hours when I just take in nature – that just fills my body and soul with happiness and gratitude!

Hunting in Northern Jutland! January and -10ºC! Look at that sunset!

To hunt with your partner

Hunting is something we share. Claus and I took our hunting licenses together and we are very often out hunting together. We often sit right next to each other and enjoy the day.

Even though we are out together and often even sit right next to each other – we experiences different things. We often just sit there and enjoy the fresh air, and talk about life. Nature somehow opens both hearts and minds.

We share many experiences in general, but hunting and nature experiences bring it all together.

Out hunting on a beautiful autumn day.

We also go hunting by ourselves and enjoy this just as much. For me it’s important to get out and around in both Denmark and other places in the world, meeting likeminded people, networking and creating friendships.

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To hunt is to experience nature. Whether it is in Denmark or in other parts of the world, it is great to have somebody to share the adventures with.
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