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Creating an honest blog about hunting and nature is telling you my story! This is my story about hunting as I see it – quite honestly from my point of view.

This is the story about why I have chosen to be a hunter, what animal welfare means to me, about my choice to eat meat – and also which kind of meat! It’s also about the peace of mind that nature gives me – in both body, mind and soul. About the calmness I achieve by sitting or walking in nature for many hours – regardless of the weather.
It’s about the freedom to choose my own food, my own meat – to harvest from nature’s pantry. It is also about why hunting is an important tradition, even though it is not a tradition in my family. And that hunting – and hunters – certainly are not the same in all countries.

Many emotions and thoughts were attached to my journey towards my hunting license. Nervousness, eagerness, deep thoughts, excitement, values, nerdiness, conscience, joy. I had put a lot of hours and a lot of energy into getting my hunting license, passing the shotgun test and the rifle test.

Early winter morning hunting in Northern Jutland. Minus 10C degrees, but a beautiful, beautiful day in January.

A blog was born

I have always loved writing and putting my thoughts into words. The journey towards becoming a hunter is no exception. My desire to learn and my curiosity about what captures my interest has given me the desire to create this website.

The thoughts about this webpage were born in 2017 when I was going through my hunting education, and became a reality in the spring of 2018 as A lot has happened since then, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve seen much more of the hunting world – and I’ve aged a few years or more since then.

You will find me most active on social media, where I share my life as a hunter, pistol and rifle shooter – and nature lover.

Follow me on my Instagram profile Huntress Freya, where I share pictures from hunts and other hunting and shooting related experiences.

It was a great joy when I shot my first pheasants in 2019.

Women hunting

The statistics show that the number of female hunting license holders in Denmark is around 7%. When I started this blog, I was quite curious about why so few women are hunting.

I think women today want to be part of conscious choosing of the right, sustainable, and natural food for the family. We want to decide where our food is coming from. We also want to be more in the great nature, where we can get rid of the thoughts of what we think society expects of us. For me, nature is a sanctuary – and a pantry.

I believe that we have a responsibility to show our children and grandchildren that we dare to go for the dreams, after what we believe to be true. Show them that nature is a gift we have been given – and that we have a responsibility to look after it!

New friendships are made. The community around hunting extends far beyond the borders of Denmark. Here I am with Anette Dahl from Norway and Aleksandra Lezuch from Poland at the Zeiss Media Event in 2018.

Hunting, shooting and nature

Today, my husband and I live in Sicily (Italy), where we will be for a few more years. Life changes, the focus areas change – but the desire for clean and healthy food, outdoor life and good experiences is still a driving factor.

Right now we do not have an Italian hunting license.
It has been a process which has taken about 2 years at this point. Much has happened and for me it has also been an eye opener on how hunting is in other parts of Europe. I will probably never hunt here. I am not a fan of what I hear of hunting here. The hunting ethics and especially the way many hunters treat their dogs. I am an animal lover – and my dog is my best friend. He is a Sicilian hunting dog, and he was abandoned – left to live – or die – on the street. He was found and we have promised to never ever use him for hunting. This way of treating a dog is unacceptable and has made me decide to not be a hunter in this part of the world.

We have our Danish hunting licens, and we will hunt in Denmark – not here, and not with our Cirneco. In Denmark Cirnecos are not even allowed to hunt because of it’s breed. He is a sighthound and they are not allowed in Denmark because of their speed.

The situation is therefore slightly different and our main goal for hunting – living from nature – is not a possibility the same way it is in Denmark. On the other hand, we still spend a lot of time in nature – and on the shooting range, where we train precision shooting with both pistols and rifles. You can follow all that and much more on my social media – and here.

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