When the Kalahari is calling you back…

Ahhh, that trip to South Africa has really done something to me. I didn’t really give it that much thought before leaving, despite several “warnings”! But now I just have to admit and acknowledge that it’s true! Once you’ve got South Africa under your skin, it just won’t let you go again!

Claus and I traveled to Orange River Hunting & Safari’s on Wednesday, July 31st and returned to Viborg on August 8th. We had 5 full hunting days in South Africa, and it completely crawled under the skin of the both of us. I really didn’t see it come! So far Arizona has been our place to go for retreat, our sacred place on Earth, a place we just enjoy to come for a month every year. But I must admit that this place in South Africa is now just as highly ranked in our hearts and souls. So could we just exchange Arizona with South Africa now – or what? No, that’s not exactly how I see it – but South Africa has become an extra magic place on Earth for us, there’s no doubt about that.

Morning sun over the Kalahari

It always calls you back!

When I recently posted on Instram and Facebook that Kalahari is calling, I got a response that really resonated with me. Hendrik Maritz, manager of Orange River Hunting & Safari’s commented that “once in your blood, it always calls you back. It’s in the sand, the space, the people” …

The sand, the space and the people!

The sand – the red earth that characterizes the desert here! It was one of the first things we saw when we woke up the first morning. It reminds us of red desert of Arizona! And even the landscape and the terrain are the same as we know it from our holiday paradise. Already then we were falling in love with the Kalahari!

The space – in the middle of nowhere – you will find Orange River Hunting & Safari’s! With 20,000 acres of untamed nature, privately owned and managed with solid values ​​for animal welfare and wildlife conservation. There is just a peace and tranquility to this place! A quietness that most of us desperately need for both body and soul. I just felt at home right away and fell in love with everything here – the peace, the surroundings, the animals and …

the people! It is the people who completes this place and adventure. The way that they treat us, the way they treat each other! With respect for one another, for nature and game – the joy and hospitality we have met everywhere!

So yeah – I think the red desert of the Kalahari will keep calling us back for more! It’s under our skin now!

Walking and stalking in the beautiful desert

Blog posts from South Africa

Over the next weeks you will be able to read more blog posts from our adventure at Orange River Hunting & Safari’s. Right here on the blog. I will invite you into a Univers, that is just now unfolding itself in our hearts! A place, that I will be very happy to share with you.

Follow the blog and read about hunting, the amazingly beautiful animals that live her! And about the red desert of the Kalahari, about traditions, good food – and about a huge love for life!

Sunset from Toevlug Hunters House

Happy hunting,

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